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Generations of Innovation Since 1976

Mr Robert Heng, Mr Renny Heng & Mrs Ruby Heng


Generations of Innovation

Orchard Credit was founded in 1976 by Mr Robert Heng and Mrs Ruby Heng. Under the careful eye of its founders, it soon became a pioneering and recognised auto finance dealer. Orchard Credit quickly grew from unique auto finance services into property and real estate, developing long standing relationships with major banks and financial institutions along the way.

In recent years Mr Renny Heng, the next generation successor of the multi-faceted business, has initiated a series of strategical diversification initiatives. Renny’s passion for importing great food and wine not only led to the establishment of Wine Culture, a fine and rare wine merchant, but also to Only for wines, an advanced temperature controlled wine storage facility.

The success of these ventures inspired the conception of a fine dining restaurant, Corner House, a unique Michelin star experience at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

The company has also embraced digital innovation, providing a one-stop online loan service for car buyers and the first online payment service for pre-owned vehicle deposits in Singapore.



Supporting Entrepreneurs

The Orchard Credit Group have always believed in entrepreneurship and the fundamental foundations of trust, hard work and integrity. To encourage and support the growth of entrepreneurship in Singapore, they have created a dedicated rent-free space for budding entrepreneurs and start up businesses.

The aim is to provide an innovative environment where entrepreneurs test their cutting edge ideas without the worry of rental payments. The space welcomes businesses focused on the adoption of Digital technologies for SMEs and that also align with the recommendations of the Committee for the future economy. With several entrepreneurs housed in the same space, this location will become an innovation hub promoting collaboration and the cross pollination of ideas.


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